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CEWD Workforce Development Summit

The annual Workforce Development Summit is the pinnacle of CEWD’s learning experiences. It brings the industry’s “who’s who” together for strategic dialogues, insight into best practices within the industry and beyond, trend analysis and future-scaping, and the most comprehensive networking that exists in the energy sector’s workforce development arena. Sessions are designed to turn ideas into action for those attending and for the industry as a whole.

This year’s Summit will take place in person in November with a smaller virtual offering to take place in early December. Pending hotel availability, the Summit is tentatively scheduled to be held in Washington D.C. November 16-18. Recognizing industry professionals are eager for in-person networking, information sharing, and collaborative trend exploration, the D.C. event will feature highly interactive programming, while the virtual event will offer excellent information sharing in a convenient virtual format that will be available for viewing through May 2022. It will also offer “reruns” of many of the educational sessions from last year’s Virtual Summit. Those who register for the in-person event will automatically receive access to virtual education. Watch for more information coming shortly!

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View the full schedule for each day of the Annual Workforce Summit.

Almost two dozen concurrent sessions will be offered in the following tracks:

  • Managing Workforce Development and Workforce Planning
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Training and Skill Development for Our Future Workforce
  • Workforce Development Outside the HR Suite
  • Staying One Step Ahead of the Changing Workplace Culture

Members can access information from prior year meetings here.