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Addressing the Future of Work in the Energy Sector

2021 marks CEWD’s 15th year of service to the energy sector. For a decade and a half CEWD has united and led the industry in addressing critical workforce development issues. Recently, we refined, reimagined, and refocused on what workforce development priorities are of paramount importance to industry professionals – that is, what today’s CEWD needs to deliver for tomorrow’s energy workforce.

Our goal remains the same: To ensure a skilled, diverse energy talent pipeline, but we are expanding and reprioritizing some of our strategies and tactics to better support progress toward that goal. Here is a high-level look at CEWD’s 2021 workplan:

CEWD will strengthen awareness and promote the merits of 21st-century clean energy careers.              

To do so, we will:

  • Create collateral companies, consortia, and educators can use to promote the profession
  • Build social media presence showcasing industry career opportunities and drive traffic to CEWD sites
  • Revise the Careers in Energy site to better educate the public about current and future career opportunities in energy, showcasing the industry’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Corporate-Social Responsibility, and environmental stewardship
  • Host EnergyCareers 2021, a national virtual career exploration event to educate students, career-seekers, and career influencers about industry employment
  • Promote energy careers by exhibiting and speaking at national conferences and to relevant organizations
  • Encourage students to connect with the industry through contests and competitions
  • Conduct research on baseline perception of industry careers
  • Expand industry presence with workforce boards and increase industry partcipation with state and local workforce boards

CEWD will support industry companies in diversifying their workforce.

To do so, we will:

  • Connect with target organizations to learn how we can engage with them and their members and pursue identified areas of collaboration
  • Create pilot programs with Minority Serving Institutions to explore how to better connect with students about careers in energy
  • Evaluate the creation of an industry scholarship program that will support increased diversity in the industry
  • Expand role and influence of CEWD’s DE&I Community of Practice to provide more education, information, best practices, and leadership to support the industry in this area
  • Provide leadership for meaningful DE&I initiative(s) that can be adopted by the entire industry

CEWD will support companies developing employees in increasingly technical and dynamic energy careers.

To do so, we will:

  • Provide forums for information exchange among industry professionals focused on enhancing technical training delivery
  • Offer insight into world-class technical training offered in other industries
  • Increase the recognition of and explore options to upgrade the Energy Industry Fundamentals program
  • Provide support for National Energy Education Network (NEEN) members and identify and share examples of successful practices among energy educators
  • Create task force to explore associate’s degree (or similar) on careers in energy

CEWD will support the industry’s commitment to fostering modern-day work cultures that attract and retain diverse, talented professionals.

To do so, we will:

  • Conduct Gaps in the Energy Workforce survey and communicate results within the industry
  • Foster dialogue and showcase best practices on pandemic-necessitated changes to the workforce and other workforce development priorities facing industry professionals
  • Create and manage forum that allows for real-time information seeking and sharing within the membership on workforce development topics
  • Provide “best practice” guidance on workforce planning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and other priority topics
  • Facilitate task forces for the Workforce Planning Council to explore how member companies manage a contingent workforce, benchmark and provide analysis of industry diversity and non-retirement attrition, and to identify and share best practices in predictive analytics
  • Strengthen connections between veterans and industry employers through the Troops to Energy Jobs program.

CEWD will continue to serve as the industry’s resource for workforce development data, information sharing, best practices and case studies, and one-on-one problem solving. We are proudly expanding our scope to ensure we are meeting the industry’s changing needs. If you’d like to learn more about CEWD’s goals, have an idea for new areas of support, or want to get more involved in CEWD, contact Missy Henriksen.