strategies and initiatives


Addressing the Future of Work in the Energy Sector

CEWD has been leading the energy industry’s response to critical workforce development priorities since 2006.  While the issues and demands have changed over the last decade and a half, our primary goal has remained the same: to ensure a skilled, diverse energy talent pipeline.

The primary topics that will drive CEWD’s 2022 workplan include:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Re-Skilling, Upskilling, and Redefining Training
  • Decarbonization and the Future of the Energy Workforce
  • Attracting Talent
  • Infrastructure Reform
  • Transitioning Workers
  • The Great Resignation
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Supplemental Workforce Considerations
  • Data Analytics

GOAL #1: CEWD will strengthen awareness and promote the merits of 21st-century clean energy careers.              

Select 2022 Priorities:

  • Participate in events and programs that increase awareness of energy careers
  • Expand PR and communications initiatives to heighten the public’s understanding of careers in energy
  • Host EnergyCareers 2022, a virtual career exploration event
  • Sponsor Troops to Energy Jobs Career Fair, a virtual career fair
  • Create materials essential to industry messaging about energy careers

GOAL #2: CEWD will support the development of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive energy workforce.

Select 2022 Priorities:

  • Publish the industry’s DE&I Roadmap for Change, as part of a multi-year initiative by CEWD and its partner associations to increase industry diversity
  • Nurture partnerships with organizations that can support a diverse talent funnel and create meaningful, action-focused initiatives with these organizations supporting historically marginalized groups
  • Conduct diversity metrics survey
  • Expand educational programming on DE&I and highlight the industry’s best DE&I practices, consistent with Roadmap recommendations, and in collaboration with industry partners
  • Continue pilot programs with Minority Serving Institutions to provide lessons-learned to energy companies
  • Explore options to connect with vulnerable communities, consistent with industry’s social responsibility focus

GOAL #3: CEWD will support companies developing employees in increasingly technical and dynamic energy careers.

Select 2022 Priorities:

  • Relaunch re-imagined Energy Industry Fundamentals Program (once funding is secured) to support 500,000 students completing the energy education curriculum
  • Lead assessment of what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be required for 2035 workforce and publish findings
  • Host energy skills convening between educators and energy companies to discuss preparing students for skills for energy jobs of the future
  • Assess universal Associate’s Degree for energy careers
  • Assess shared curriculum within industry

GOAL #4: CEWD will support the industry’s workforce development professionals with the tools and resources they need to lead their company’s efforts:

Select 2022 Priorities:

  • Provide industry leadership on critical workforce development conversations through think-tank like convenings
  • Host education forum for Policy Representatives on workforce development initiatives
  • Support practitioners’ use of newly created resource tools such as 2021 Gaps in the Energy Workforce Report, Strategic Workforce Planning Guidance, report on career awareness messaging survey, etc.
  • Co-publish paper with Deloitte, with leadership of AGA and APGA, on Decarbonization and the Future of the Natural Gas Workforce

CEWD will continue to serve as the industry’s resource for workforce development data, information sharing, best practices and case studies, and one-on-one problem solving. We are proudly expanding our scope to ensure we are meeting the industry’s changing needs. If you’d like to learn more about CEWD’s goals, have an idea for new areas of support, or want to get more involved in CEWD, contact Missy Henriksen.