Annual Workforce Development Summit

Organizations face a new world context of relentless, rapid, and often disruptive change. At the heart of this daunting task is the evolving and increasingly complex role of a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO), a plight felt similarly by other organizational DE&I leaders. Despite the challenges, these roles are essential to a company’s operations, everyday workforce strategy, and opportunities for innovation.

This year’s Forum will take a deep dive into the critical business issues facing diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders today, and bring together top-level practitioners to discuss the issues and potential solutions. By attending, you will gain insight into how industry experts are addressing and solving these challenges.

Practitioners will come from different types of companies, offering insight into how to apply DE&I knowledge and solutions in different situations for successful outcomes. You will hear from a speaker lineup of in-house practitioners and consultants who are doing this work, and they will share honest, genuine insights they have learned over time. They will provide details of how they work, where they have had to swerve and change direction, and how to achieve results.

This event does not focus on highlighting an organization’s DE&I initiatives in only a positive light, but instead looks to see the HOW behind the results: How did they do it? What steps did they take? Where were the setbacks or challenges, they had to adapt to? This work is not a linear progression, and we will dive into that.