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Sponsor & Exhibit Information


We are excited to offer exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at EnergyCareers 2021. With promotion support from minority-serving institutions, educators, consortia, utilities, contractors, workforce systems, veterans organizations, and other stakeholders, we expect a strong national showing at this event!

Your support offers opportunities to:

  • Showcase your brand to students and career-seekers
  • Participate in the career-fair and interview candidates and collect resumes
  • Influence career considerations for interested men and women
  • Spotlight the breadth of industry careers and the critical nature of our work
  • Support CEWD’s work to bring awareness of industry careers

Virtual exhibiting and sponsorship are new to us all! We are eager to help you learn how it works and why your support of EnergyCareers 2021 is essential. Contact us at with any questions.

Questions About Virtual Exhibiting?

Curious about how works? Here is a bit of info to get you started. Still have more questions, reach out to us. We are here to assist.

  1. What will the virtual booths look like?

    Here’s a sample. They look great and they are designed to encourage attendees to interact with representatives through numerous channels.

  2. Is there a limit to booth registrants?

    No. Staff your booth with as many people as you’d like.

  3. How will we intact with visitors in the booth?

    You can interact via public or private chat – and you can set up real-time interviews through our career fair portal.

  4. How will we design our booth?

    Your booth comes with a few different blank “screens.” Your job is to procure the graphics and content to fill each screen in the template you selected. Rest assured, it’s simpler than you might think to construct your booth, and plenty of training and help will be available.

  5. How many people are expected to register?

    EnergyCareers 2021 will build on this success of last year’s first-time event which attracted 1,500 registrants who were eager to learn more about what the industry has to offer and interact with companies offering internships, jobs, and insight. We anticipate exceeding last year’s registrations.