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High Performing Program Self-Assessment Toolkit

The high performing program self-assessment toolkit contains a short questionnaire to help evaluate a training program for investment, partnership decisions and improvement opportunities.  Check the box that best describes how well your program meets the standards described below.  Once you have made your selection, you will be provided with suggested actions and resources to help you address the gaps.  Download a full PDF of the toolkit or download the individual resources below:

  1. A sample strategic plan document to obtain senior management approval for the project
  2. A sample selection and recruitment strategy
  3. A sample charter agreement between the energy company and a community college
  4. A sample meeting agenda for Business/Education Council meetings
  5. A list of potential roadblocks and how to address them
  6. A list of budget components to be considered
  7. A list of performance measures to ensure continuous review and improvement of the program
  8. A sample student safety record tracking report
  9. A sample client satisfaction survey
  10. A sample employability skills course content

The assessment tool will help you evaluate your own program to make improvements, to determine if an existing program is one that you would like to implement at a local community college or to determine if an existing program is graduating qualified students that you might want to hire.

If you have any questions about this toolkit, please contact Dana Berkheimer at dana@cewd.org

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