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The Natural Gas Utility Workforce in a Decarbonizing World

Presented by Deloitte and CEWD

CEWD is proud to have worked with Deloitte and the American Gas Association and American Public Gas Association on the development of The Natural Gas Utility Workforce in a Decarbonizing World research that was published in November 2022. You can download the report here.

The report highlights:

  • Decarbonization is a growth opportunity for natural gas utilities.
  • Gas utilities can seize the opportunity by reorienting their core workforce and workforce towards the emerging renewable natural gas, geothermal, and hydrogen industries.
  • They can further amplify growth by engineering a digital skill advantage.
  • Decarbonization strategies can help gas utilities attract the growing talent pipeline they will need to achieve their targets.

Offering additional detail, the paper suggests gas utilities that proactively decarbonize can reverse declining workforce trends and expectations and while no natural gas workforce segment is at risk of elimination from decarbonization, many will need to train in new skills. Research illustrates that skill requirements are growing in many of the positions that utilities have the most difficulty filling, including skilled trades that require on-the-job training and/or apprenticeship.

CEWD is grateful for the collaboration with Deloitte and AGA and APGA.