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Energy Industry Testimonials

Tell CEWD your career story! We want to know what you enjoy most about your job and why a career in the energy industry is so rewarding! Whether you are a field worker, customer service representative, engineer or plant manager, your personal stories will certainly create awareness of careers in the energy industry.

Your testimonials will be showcased as content in articles, as well as promotional materials, like flyers and posts to our social media channels. In some instances, we may include a photo of you in your work environment alongside your responses. In other cases, we may simply highlight one of your answers on a flyer. Your voice, your passion, and your story may just be the inspiration someone needs to consider a career in energy!


1. In an email addressed to staff@cewd.org, please attach:

    • The completed questionnaire, you may answer any or all of the questions – whatever feels most relevant to your story!
    • A photo of yourself: can be while at work or a professional headshot (CEWD will accept images with employees pictured in company clothing, or where your company logo is visible). 

2. Please ensure that you have received the appropriate permissions from your organization before sharing details of your work or images of yourself where logos are visible.

Note: We are accepting these on a rolling basis, but the first ones received will be those mostly likely featured on GetIntoEnergy.com as we expand our messaging to those looking to learn more about the industry.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at staff@cewd.org, and a member of our staff will get back to you.

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