2018 Strategic Goals

Vision: Where the industry speaks with one voice for a single purpose – Companies adequately staffed with a diverse workforce with the right skills to safely keep the energy flowing.

Mission: Build the alliances, processes, and tools to develop tomorrow’s energy workforce.

Workforce Planning – Identify critical workforce needs and measure the success of workforce development initiatives.

  • Update the National Energy Strategic Workforce Plan and Game Changers.
  • Facilitate the Workforce Analytics Task Force and add key focus areas such as non-retirement attrition.
  • Work with CEWD members to identify solid methods/strategies to improve retention in critical key jobs and publish applicable tools, resources, and best practices.
  • Broaden the knowledge transfer taskforce to launch and implement the Community of Practice and publish findings, tools, resources, and best practices.
  • Prepare for the 2019 Gaps in the Energy Workforce survey to include contractor workforce demand, improved reporting, and additional demographic data.
  • Provide support to member companies to implement the CEWD Strategic Workforce Planning process.
  • Provide support to State Energy Workforce Consortia in the development of state strategic plans to include state-level supply/demand data.

Career Awareness – Build awareness of high skilled positions in the energy industry.

  • Transition Get Into Energy Youth to GIE/Get Into STEM to include a redesigned website and tools/templates for increasing career awareness among youth.
  • Implement a coordinated energy careers image campaign with member associations.
  • Expand Troops to Energy Jobs tools to make it easier for veterans and recruiters to connect and to understand the skills and training veterans bring to the workplace.
  • Support member implementation of Get Into Energy career awareness tools for youth, women, military, and transitioning adults.

Workforce Development/Education – Implement short- and long-term education solutions to build a pipeline of skilled workers.

  • Develop and communicate a Diversity and Inclusion National Template based on the Making a Connection to a Diverse, Qualified Pipeline assessment tool and playbook.
  • Increase the use of Get Into Energy Career Pathways credentials and resources by working with member companies to recognize GIE credentials in the recruiting process.
  • Provide support for National Energy Education Network (NEEN) members, identify and share examples of successful practices.
  • Build awareness among educators of how to best leverage funding sources to support student completion of energy pathway programs.
  • Implement a new Legacy I3 credential to include employability skills, EIF, and OSHA-10.
  • Update instructor and student guides for EIF curriculum.
  • Repackage EIF modules for use with an expanded audience, such as orientation for new company employees or bootcamps for transitioning workers.
  • Support members and collect data for using the GIE Math and Test Prep Workshop to maximize pass rates on candidate pre-employment tests.

Member Value and Support – Support the needs of CEWD members.

  • Provide support for State Energy Workforce Consortia and increase knowledge sharing across regions.
  • Provide focused support for contractors and international CEWD members and promote solutions and partnerships for their unique workforce issues.
  • Expand and manage CEWD Communities of Practice.
  • Develop and implement a guided assessment and planning tool to assist members with focused implementation of CEWD’s tools and resources.
  • Provide consultation and support to members on best practices, trends, and tools to support their workforce development implementation efforts.
  • Conduct the 2018 Annual Summit, National Forum, NEEN Convenings, and Regional Meetings.
  • Create mutually beneficial alliances with organizations that support and advance CEWD initiatives.

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