2019 Strategic Goals

Workforce Planning – Identify critical workforce needs and measure the success of workforce development initiatives.

  • Execute the 2019 Gaps in the Energy Workforce survey and summarize the findings at the national and state level.
  • Facilitate task forces for the Workforce Planning Council to explore how member companies manage a contingent workforce, benchmark and provide analysis of industry diversity and non-retirement attrition, and to identify and share best practices in predictive analytics.
  • Work with CEWD members to identify solid methods/strategies to improve retention and publish applicable tools, resources, and best practices.
  • Communicate the Measuring Performance model and convene a task force led by the Executive Council to pilot the measures.
  • Partner with associations to adapt Game Changers and workforce findings by type of company.

Career Awareness – Build awareness of high-skilled positions in the energy industry.

  • Expand the “I Got Into Energy” campaign to include additional demographics and integrate into the Get Into Energy web resources.
  • Conduct training webinars on Troops to Energy Jobs resources for companies and veterans and increase the number of Troops to Energy Jobs Employers.
  • Update Troops to Energy Jobs website content and resources to improve job search capability for veterans.
  • Analyze the current state of energy career awareness with state consortia and recommend specific initiatives to close gaps.

Workforce Development/Education – Implement short- and long-term solutions to build a pipeline of skilled workers.

  • Increase the use of Get Into Energy Career Pathways credentials and resources by working with member companies to recognize GIE credentials in the recruiting process.
  • Repackage EIF modules for use with an expanded audience, such as orientation for new company employees or bootcamps for transitioning workers.
  • Identify critical education and upskilling solutions to accelerate learning for the internal energy talent pipeline, including convening for Technical Training organizations.
  • Conduct Strategic Linkages webinar series on successful workforce initiatives and solutions for each stage of the GIE pathway.
  • Provide support and collect data on results for member implementation of CEWD education modules including EIF, GIE Test Prep, bootcamps, and secondary curriculum.
  • Provide support for National Energy Education Network (NEEN) members, and identify and share examples of successful practices.

Member Value and Support – Support the needs of CEWD members.

  • Communicate solutions available to expand and improve D & I initiatives through the CEWD Diversity and Inclusion National Template, assessment, and playbook.
  • Develop a comprehensive communication plan and implement additional communication pieces that can be used by members and associations to increase understanding of CEWD and successful workforce initiatives.
  • Develop and implement a guided assessment and planning tool to assist members with focused implementation of CEWD’s tools and resources.
  • Facilitate workforce policy task force with associations and member companies to develop a national workforce policy platform.
  • Provide support for the creation and sustaining of State Energy Workforce Consortia through state strategic planning and implementation of workforce initiatives.
  • Provide support for contractor members and promote solutions and partnerships for their unique workforce issues.
  • Provide consultation and support to members to support their workforce development implementation efforts and increase participation among companies of all sizes and types.
  • Conduct and expand member forums including the CEWD Communities of Practice, the 2019 Annual Summit, National Forum, NEEN Convenings, and Regional Meetings.
  • Create mutually beneficial alliances with organizations that support and advance CEWD initiatives.

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Strategic Plan

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2018 CEWD Goals

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