2019 Annual Summit
November 12-13
Arlington, VA

National Forum for State Energy Workforce Consortia
November 14
Arlington, VA

“Hiring Our Heroes” Hiring Fairs
Various Dates / Locations
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Webinar: CEWD’s Workforce Survey Results
January 17

NUDC Webinar: Bridging the Generations
January 23

Webinar: Making the Connection to a Diverse, Qualified Pipeline: Focus on Diversity
March 15

NUDC Webinar: Millennial Myths and Managing Your Millennial Workforce
March 20

EARN Webinar: Building the Pipeline: Successful Strategies for Recruiting & Hiring People with Disabilities
March 29

West/Northwest Regional Meeting
April 10-11
San Francisco, CA

Webinar: Making the Connection to a Diverse, Qualified Pipeline: Focus on Quality
April 18

Making the Connection to a Diverse, Qualified Pipeline through Troops to Energy Jobs
May 10

South/Southeast Regional Meeting
May 17-18

Midwest Regional Meeting
June 13-14

NUDC Webinar–Walking the Walk: Creating and Living a Values-Focused Culture
June 20

MidAtlantic/Northeast Regional Meeting
July 11-12

NUDC Webinar–Vets for Success: Helping Veterans Transition Successfully into Corporate America
July 24

“I Got Into Energy” Toolkit Webinar
July 26

Veterans in Energy Forum
October 4-5

Careers in Energy Week
October 15-19

State Energy Workforce Consortia National Forum
November 7

CEWD Annual Summit
The Changing Energy Workforce: What Matters Most for Today and the Future?
November 7-9

NUDC Webinar–Latino GDP: Quantifying the Impact of American Hispanic Economic Growth
November 29

NUDC Webinar–Virtual Panel: Mentoring and Being Mentored for Men of Color
December 11

EARN Webinar–Spread the Word: Communicating Your Organization’s Commitment to Disability Inclusion
December 20

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