Tool Kit for Mentoring High School Youth

The Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD) and SkillsUSA have developed this extensive toolkit in an effort to support the “grow your own” concept for filling the energy careers pipeline. Students who are part of the SkillsUSA competitions, specifically within the Architecture & Construction, Manufacturing, and STEM career clusters, already have an interest in careers that may be available within an energy company. The fact that the shortage of energy workers is expected to reach nearly 50% over the next five years means that now is the time to put a mentoring program in place!  An energy company/SkillsUSA mentoring partnership at a local level is a win-win proposition for both energy companies and SkillsUSA students.

Toolkit at a Glance – Click here

Program Overview

Establishing a Mentoring Program

Pre-Monitoring Templates

Starting the Mentoring Process



Program Conclusion

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