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Virtual Summer Series

COVID-19 forced us to cancel our spring and summer Region Meetings but that doesn’t mean an end to the learning and networking they traditionally provide! CEWD is pleased to launch the Virtual Summer Series, programs focused on the future of work in the energy industry.

Each 90-minute interactive webinar-style session will offer presentations by subject matter experts with plenty of time built-in for engagement among participants to ensure pressing questions are addressed within the gathered community. We hope you and other information-seekers from your company will join us for CEWD’s Virtual Summer Series. There is no registration fee for participants from CEWD member companies.

Unable to attend a live session? No problem! All of our webinars are recorded and stored in our Webinar Archive for CEWD members to watch over, and over, again!

Registration Tip! Is your company is a CEWD member, but you are unable to register for a session? It may be because you have not yet created your account. If you have never been to a CEWD event, or you do not receive our monthly newsletter and would like to, please complete our New Visitor Registration form to get started. You will receive an email notification when your account has been verified and your benefits have been activated. Please note, it may take up to 24-hours to verify a New Visitor Account. Please contact staff@cewd.org with any questions. 

Discovering the Necessity of Self-Care, Self-Love, and Self-Appreciation in Times of Stress

August 31, 3:00pm EDT

This last session of CEWD’s Summer Learning Series takes a personal turn. There will be no lessons on how to navigate “the new normal” or transition to virtual anything or discussions on social issues. Nothing strategic, lofty, or forward-thinking will be reviewed – but the agenda and the program’s content, are probably more important than most anything we have covered this season, for this session is all about self-care, self-love, and self-appreciation in times of stress.

For the past five months, routines, norms, and processes have changed. We have had to adapt, innovate, and pivot. Since March, industry professionals have had to find PPE to keep employees safe, create telework processes within a matter of days, re-establish office cultures with remote workforces, transition summer interns, re-establish contingency plans, address the existence of systemic racism and support leaders in navigating essential dialogues and action planning steps. Oh yes, and for many professionals, they have had to manage these historic issues, while homeschooling children and supporting homebound parents, all under the cloud of safety in a pandemic. For many, there’s been little time left for self-care and as a result, exhaustion, burn-out, anxiety, and stress are being reported at staggering levels.

The stage for this session will be set with candid reflections from industry professionals who have carried added responsibilities for such a long period of time. We will then hear from and be guided in our thinking by Dr. Patricia Thompson, an award winning corporate psychologist, who counts energy companies among her client base. She will put perspective on why many of us are feeling so overwhelmed and challenged to process feelings, emotions, and perspectives that are new and offer suggestions on how to navigate through so much change so we can be whole and mentally and emotionally healthy for ourselves and those who depend on us.

This session is about us as people, not professionals. It will offer a safe place to reflect, process, and share with others.

Recruiting Veterans During and Following COVID-19

July 29, 4:00pm EDT

COVID-19 has required companies to change the way they recruit.  The industry is still hiring, and job seekers are still looking for work. Service members are still transitioning from the military, unemployed veterans are still looking for work, and there are veterans that are completing their education. During this time, more than ever, it is more important to stay connected with veteran organizations and to continue to create awareness of the industry’s essential, vital careers. Organizations must pivot and adjust their recruiting strategies and find creative ways of finding military talent. DOL’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, Hiring our Heroes, Academy Women and Student Veterans of America will share their strategies to help companies find veterans/ transitioning service members. They will joined by panelists from energy companies who have implemented some creative strategies during the pandemic.

Insights on Improving Your Company’s Culture and Organizational Health for the Next Normal with Thought Leaders from McKinsey

July 15, 4:00pm EDT

Like every other industry, the utility sector is facing major disruptions to their operations, workforce, and plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. NOW is the time to improve your culture or “organizational health” – not only to survive the crisis, but also to build strength for the next normal. During this webinar, focused on the future of work, we will talk about actions utilities and industry contractors should  take now to protect and strengthen organizational health.

The program will be led by several of McKinsey’s leaders in workplace culture including Brooke Weddle, Blair Epstein, Andrea Alexander, and Mengwei Luo.

Moving to Phase Two of Creating and Sustaining a Remote Workforce in the Energy Industry

June 24, 4:00pm EDT

This session will feature Jack Nilles, known as the “Father of Telework” addressing topics on everyone’s mind about the future of remote work in the energy industry. Nilles, who has authored books including Making Telecommuting Happen and Managing Telework: Strategies for Managing the Virtual Workforce, will kick the discussion off sharing take-aways learned from working with companies and governments across the world creating and sustaining telework teams. Then, industry professionals, Christy Kenny, PSEG’s Head of Talent Management, and Amanda Wagenschutz, Executive Directors of Employee Experience Delivery at Consumers Energy, will share how their companies are planning for a sustained telework culture. Following panel sharing, program participants will be encouraged to ask questions of the panelists and share information with one another through facilitated networking.

Delivering a Valuable Virtual Internship Experience for Supervisors and Mentors

June 17, 4:00pm EDT

This summer and potentially beyond many employers are asking themselves just “how are they going to deliver a valuable virtual summer internship program?” This interactive webinar is designed to help you and your organization build a win-win virtual internship program. Based on in-depth research into the successful management of internship programs, you will leave the session with the tools to deliver a valuable and meaningful virtual internships program. The presentation will include detailed statistics from proprietary research, as well as best practices and practical steps you can take to implement and benefit from a virtual internship initiative – regardless of the size of your company!

The presentation will be led by Dr. Robert Shindell, President & CEO of Intern Bridge, a premier experiential education research and firm, who is nationally recognized for helping employers and educational institutions build, maintain, sustain and grow internships and other forms of experiential education programs and initiatives. He is one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders in the country on internships and experiential learning, entry-talent acquisition, workforce development and career services effectiveness.

He will be joined by panelists Deborah Majeski, Manager of HR Workforce Development at DTE Energy, and Chrystal Neal, Director of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning at Dominion Energy, who will address steps they have taken to ensure meaningful summer experiences. Dr. Shindell and industry professionals will answer questions and encourage experience sharing among all participants.