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EnergyCareers 2020 is now over; however, you can still visit the event through October 28 to listen to the sessions, browse the booths, and collect information here. Please note the meeting platform will not be staffed.

EnergyCareers2020, will bring students, veterans, career changers, women, and those under-represented in today’s workforce together to discover careers in energy. CEWD is partnering with utilities, contractors, educators, workforce systems, minority-serving organizations, veterans groups, and others to showcase the industry’s career offerings for natural problem-solvers and critical thinkers, those looking for a stable career that will both charge and change their futures, and those who are interested in protecting our nation’s resources, while serving their communities.

Event Overview

EnergyCareers 2020 will showcase careers in energy to those interested in learning more, for both immediate employment and those who want to explore options for the future. It will also educate influencers, those who guide career-seekers and students, so they, too, are aware of all we have to offer. Using a sophisticated virtual platform, EnergyCareers 2020 will offer insight into the breadth of energy sector career opportunities, benefits of working in the industry, next step guidance, connections with local employers, a career fair, and more. The event will kick off with a high-energy general session, with noted presenters, before attendees move to panel-hosted breakout sessions that will take a deeper dive into opportunities for minorities, women, veterans, career changers, and students.

Program Content

Sessions will be guided by industry leaders who have a passion for the profession and want to showcase the breadth of industry career opportunities to men, women, and students who are our future workforce. Through varied virtual experiences, including a general session, breakout sessions, networking lounges, forums, and exhibits, program participants will learn about the breadth of industry employment, benefits of energy sector careers, career pathways, and guidance on how to discover their connections to careers in energy.

Attendance Expectation

Participation in first time events is always a tough call, however, with the advance interest that has been shown and the partnerships currently being cultivated, we expect more than 1,000 people to attend the first of what we anticipate will become an annual event.