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CEWD is pleased to announce the 2021 STEM Innovation Challenge.

The Who: The Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD), its members (You), and your high school education partners come together to help energize the next-generation energy workforce. Join the STEM INNOVATION CHALLENGE.

The What:  CEWD’s STEM INNOVATION CHALLENGE brings together industry professionals, as mentors and local high schools to equip students with 21st-century skills and build awareness among students, teachers, and parents about the amazing education and career opportunities available in the energy industry.

The Why:  By participating as an energy industry mentor, your high school students are better equipped and prepared for your high-paying, fulfilling, and very much in-demand energy jobs. The perfect opportunity to “grow your own” talent at a local level.

  • Provide students with authentic experiences through solving problem(s)that are important to their local communities, field or industry
  • Build student awareness of the many careers in Energy that exist in their backyard
  • Encourage students through mentoring to apply technical knowledge and skills through assessing information, testing hypotheses, and problem-solving
  • See and get to know the voice and creativity of your students

The Challenge: Students today want to solve problems that are meaningful and pertain to themselves, their families, and their local communities. They want to feel that they can make a difference. The predicated problem to solve is: When thinking of efficiency and sustainability as it relates to your school and transportation to and from, develop an innovative plan to reduce your school’s carbon footprint, increase comfort conditions, and have a net-zero impact to your community.

The When: 2020-2021 Challenge Timeline:

  • October 2020– The 2021 STEM Innovation Challenge is announced.
  • January 2021 – Student challenge begins with virtual video kickoff that addresses the parameters of the Challenge.
  • January – March 2021 – Industry mentors engage virtually with student teams and potentially through classroom and industry visits and teacher coordinated email correspondence. Frequency of visits and email communications to be determined by teacher and mentors.
  • March 2021 – Student teams deliver virtual presentations to industry partner judges in “Shark Tank Competition”.