Resources and Events

Learning Lab Sessions 

The Learning Labs offer learning opportunities for early arrivers and those eager to hit the education path running during their stay in Washington, D.C. Join subject matter experts for a host of informal and informational exchanges on the following topics between 10:00-12:00 local time. Attendees can easily travel between topics.

The Road to Sharing Curriculum Development Between Avangrid and National Grid
While many companies eschew collaborative training because of concerns about proprietary education, quality control, and in-depth approval channels, Avangrid and National Grid pushed those considerations aside to create 20 training modules that will be shared between the companies. Learn from National Grid’s Erin Cunia how the collaboration is working, what challenges they have run into, and what their plans are for moving forward.

Removing Employment Barriers: Lessons from SHRM and Jobs for the Future
The SHRM Foundation and Jobs for the Future have been working with businesses across the country, including energy companies, to explore how to remove systemic barriers to employment, focusing on degree requirements. This session will explore the findings and encourage discussion among participants who are considering similar hiring considerations.

Digital Learning Tools Meeting the Needs of a New Generation of Energy Workers
Index AR Solutions along with its utility partners have finished or are contracted to produce over 20 multi-year apprentice programs.  Recently, partnering with MidAmerican Energy and Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), put one of the apprentice programs, the 2-year Line Mechanic Apprentice program into DMACCs Line Mechanic Associates Degree.  Learn how Index and their utility partners match mental modals for training programs, use multi-modal content (Auditory, Visual, Text and Augmented Reality experiences) giving the student information in the format they are most comfortable using, removing learning friction and improving the learning process.

Developing Relationships with Minority Serving Institutions
Many sectors have found new recruitment opportunities from Minority Serving Institutions including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs). Laurie Dowling, Executive Director of the National Utilities Diversity Council, will offer guidance and support for energy companies looking to put a toe, foot, or whole body effort in such outreach to find new talent to support America’s Clean Energy Future. (Note: This Learning Lab will be open from 11:00-12:00 noon only.)

Discovering the Benefits of Youth Apprenticeships in High Schools
The SkillsUSA Registered Apprenticeship Program is a solution designed to allow any sized community the opportunity to create their own unique talent pipeline by developing partnerships between schools and employers.  Learn from SkillsUSA Illinois how to make career and technical education classrooms connect with an unparalleled global network of business and industry partners to support their future success. One happy business leader validated the SkillsUSA model, noting “more than 80% of employees who came to us from SkillsUSA are still employed after five years, and often not in their original role, but in one they have been promoted into because of their employability skills.”  

Take a Deep Dive Into CEWD and its Resources
CEWD has a myriad of workforce development resources available for workforce development practitioners – from data to toolkits to best practices to customizable career awareness collateral. This discussion will provide an in-depth review of all that’s available! The small structure of the Learning Labs will allow each participant to have a bit of a customized journey through the resources and support.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Training and Education
Today’s learners want materials that are easy to read and easy to understand. Employers want training resources that resonate and prepare team members for the work that awaits them. This Learning Lab, hosted by the Format Group, will focus on how to create education and training materials and programs from scratch, and help improve existing curriculum for today’s workforce. Learn how to update current materials and programs to bring them into the 21st century by improving design and readability, and adapting print media for the online world. Let’s talk about how to train the energy workforce of the future.

Exploring the Usefulness of Process and Control Simulation
Simulation provides the opportunity to support multiple disciplines within the power and process industries. Training, education, and use of process and control modeling in simulation assisted engineering and design. Explore the capabilities that best suit your organizational needs in the world of simulation. The outcome for this Learning Lab is to communicate the short and long-term value of investing in simulation for educational and engineering applications.