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2020 Summer intern challenge

Energize, Socialize, and Mobilize Video Contest

No doubt this summer will look different than the ones before, but one of the constants to be appreciated is that thousands of students will still be joining the energy industry as interns. Through programs offered by utilities and contractors, they will learn about career opportunities and gain relevant and real-life work experience. If you are a CEWD member company looking for ways to bolster the value of your intern program, encourage them to participate in CEWD’s first ever Summer Intern Challenge!
This national challenge encourages students to use their creativity and passion for a unique social media contest, one that will fuel excitement about careers in all facets of the energy industry. The interns’ fresh perspective, and general familiarity for social platforms make them fantastic advocates for our workforce. We are calling on interns, either individually or in teams, to create a video promoting Careers in Energy so they can help us energize, mobilize, and socialize all the industry has to offer.
This is also an excellent opportunity for interns to have their social media talents recognized by a large audience. We will post select videos to various social media outlets promoting their work throughout the industry. In addition, first and second place prizes will be awarded.
Submissions will be accepted July 1 – August 28.

Forms and Information

We’ve made it easy for anyone who wants to to participate. Everything you and your interns need to get ready and enter can be found here!

This is is your interns go-to-guide for anything challenge related. From rules and regulation, to video criteria, to links registration and release forms. It’s all here!
In order to participate in the contest, each participant must submit a registration form, which will identify their sponsoring organization and  team names (if applicable). If the participant is under 18, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.
Please note, we are using a third party platform to collect, curate, and display submissions. Videos from YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo can be accepted. TikTok videos, on the other hand, can be used for the competition, but can only be uploaded if converted to another file format.
A production talent release form must be completed and signed for by any and all parties involved in the production of the video, including anyone who creates a song or music that is used in the video. If the participant is under 18, the form must be signed by a parent or guardian.
Have questions? Please contact us at

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