New for Careers in Energy Week 2018: I Got Into Energy!

The “I Got Into Energy” Campaign is a fun way to reinforce CEWD’s “Get Into Energy” brand, which is designed to appeal to potential jobseekers and help them explore what it means to work in the energy industry.

“I Got Into Energy” is designed to help CEWD members highlight employees telling their story to potential jobseekers about why they were attracted to the industry or their company and what they enjoy about their jobs.

“I Got Into Energy” leverages the popularity of social media platforms and cell phone or iPad technology by capturing and sharing short recordings of employees in actual job settings. The recordings are intended to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms where they can be “re-shared” and “retweeted,” thereby giving the “I Got Into Energy” messages broad reach at very little cost to the company.

The “I Got Into Energy” Toolkit includes everything a company needs to do its own internal campaign. Toolkit materials include:

An “I Got Into Energy” Campaign may be a perfect accompaniment to your plans to celebrate Careers in Energy Week 2018, but you don’t have to wait until October! Members are invited to use this toolkit at any time.

See examples of “I Got Into Energy” social media posts from Careers in Energy Week 2018.

CEWD hosted a webinar to walk through the “I Got Into Energy” materials and answer member questions. Click here to listen to the recording or download the webinar presentation.

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