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About the Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate Program

The purpose of the Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate is to ensure that potential workers gain an understanding of the energy industry as a prerequisite to occupation-specific training. It also ensures that they gain an understanding of the careers available in the energy industry, as well as the education and training to enter and advance in those careers.

The Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate aligns with Tiers 4 and 5 of the Energy Competency Model (see the diagram below and additional details here) developed by CEWD and the U.S. Department of Labor. As such, it covers such basics as emerging principles and concepts that impact the energy industry; compliance with safety and health procedures; how electric power and natural gas generation, transmission, and distribution work; a range of entry-level energy careers; and “hot topics” in energy.

While CEWD has developed the certificate program, it will not be offering the course. Instead, there is an Approved Course Provider system set up where high schools, community colleges, and other education institutions can offer the course at their locations using their instructors. There is an application process that is required to become an Approved Course Provider in order to ensure consistency across the country. This means that a student who receives the certificate in one state will have achieved the same learning objectives as a student in another state. It also ensures that energy companies have a common understanding of the “credential.”

Energy Industry Fundamentals Approved Course Provider Handbook

Energy Industry Fundamentals Approved Course Provider Application


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