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CEWD Expands Focus to Ensure Support of Essential Needs

Addressing the Future of Work in the Energy Sector

“Essential” has become an oft used and defining word throughout the first several months of the pandemic. Certain businesses and job classifications were initially designated “essential,” identifying what establishments remained in operation and who left their house to report to work. Corporate travel now receives unprecedented scrutiny regarding what is “essential” and what can be postponed or abandoned, and company leaders focus more than ever before on what is essential service delivery to fulfill corporate objectives. Like other American enterprises impacted by today’s COVID-19 environment, CEWD has focused a great deal of attention on identifying and responding to what is essential in our service to the industry, rewriting and revamping deliverables for 2020 and beyond. 

CEWD’s leadership has identified (and re-evaluated) the organization’s goals and re-associated performance tactics to them to ensure we are leading, delivering, and supporting the industry in ensuring a diverse, skilled talent pipeline in the new context of the future of work in the energy sector.

Here is what we are committed to:

CEWD will strengthen awareness of and promote the merits of 21st-century clean energy careers.

  • Create collateral companies, consortia, and educators can use to promote the profession
  • Launch an active social media presence showcasing career potential
  • Conduct national media outreach
  • Revise the Careers in Energy Site to better connect with and entice career-seekers
  • Conduct a national virtual career exploration event
  • Exhibit and speak at national conferences to promote the profession
  • Conduct challenges and competitions that encourage students to connect with the industry

CEWD will build effective partnerships that support industry companies in diversifying their workforce.

  • Partner with minority-facing organizations for the virtual career event
  • Create industry presence with workforce boards
  • Target social media outreach toward organizations that will support messaging to diverse communities of people
  • Connect with target organizations to learn how we can engage with them and their members

CEWD will harness best practices in training and upskilling to support companies developing employees in increasingly technical and dynamic energy careers.

  • Create platform for exploring Next Generation Learning and Training
  • Provide insight into world-class training offered in other industries
  • Harness best practices and platform for discussion on virtual training
  • Upgrade EIF (Once Funding Secured)

CEWD will support the industry’s commitment to fostering modern-day work cultures that attract and retain diverse, talented professionals.

  • Foster dialogue and create guidance on:
    • Remote Work
    • Virtual Training
    • Virtual Recruiting
    • Virtual Hiring and Onboarding
  • Establish Community Discussion Groups to foster real-time discussion on workforce development topics
  • Create “best practice” guidance on workforce planning, Diversity and Inclusion and other topics essential to this objective

CEWD will continue to serve as the industry’s resource for workforce development data, information sharing, best practices and case studies, and one-on-one problem solving but as we start the new decade in these historic times, we are proud to expand our scope to ensure we are meeting the industry’s changing needs. If you’d like to learn more about CEWD’s goals, have an idea for new areas of support, or want to get more involved in CEWD, contact Missy Henriksen.