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Reinventing the Utility Employee Experience with Accenture


CEWD is proud to have partnered with Accenture in the creation of a thought-provoking new piece, Reinventing the Utility Employee Experience.

This Point-of-View seeks to challenge traditional thinking and support shifts in how the industry is responding to hiring new employees. Accenture’s research shows that as many as 76% of companies are challenged by finding the talent they need, and incorrect perceptions and lack of understanding about the industry contribute to missed recruitment opportunities. This new report offers perspective on how the industry may best compete in the competition for talent, especially in light of workplace changes spurred by the pandemic.

Thank you to Accenture for their leadership in developing this guide and to members of CEWD’s Workforce Development Executive Council for their input that supported its creation. 

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Take the diagnostic! Learn where your company is in the Net Better Off framework and its six dimensions of Emotional & Mental, Relational, Physical, Financial, Purposeful and Employable. You will be socred across the six dimensions and receive your NBO score along with insights & recommendations.

Listen to Our Podcast with the Point-of-View Authors

If you’d like to learn more about the Accenture report, contact Chris Manshio, Managing Director, Accenture’s Talent and Organization practice.