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Get Into Energy Test Prep

Get Into Energy Test Prep is a structured instructor-led program that provides candidates the opportunity to not only learn more about pre-employment testing, but to experience it firsthand. Candidates are exposed to the types of problems they will encounter in real-life testing situations, including being timed while taking practice tests. They also learn strategies for solving the types of questions they will encounter on the EEI CAST, MASS, and POSS tests.

The program is best suited for candidates that have already been screened and either have work experience similar to the positions for which they may qualify through the CAST, MASS, and POSS tests or have recently been through some type of education or training experience to prepare them for these positions. It should be the offered to individuals who have gone through the company qualifying process and are ready to take the pre-employment test.

The program is approximately 20-25 hours in length, depending on which pre-employment test is the focus, and should be completed 2-3 weeks in advance of the testing date. This allows candidates to continuing preparing for the test, utilizing the resources provided at the program. The program is modular, so the format is flexible and can be taught bootcamp-style or over a longer period of time.

For maximum impact of the program, it is important that GIE Test Prep facilitators utilize the lesson plans as they are written. For this reason, CEWD requires that any members who plan to use the program materials participate in a virtual orientation. After completion of the orientation, CEWD provides members with a full instructor guide, student guide, and a take-home practice booklet designed for candidates to keep preparing until the testing date. CEWD, in turn, asks that members report to CEWD how the materials were used (for example, the target audience and how the program was structured) and the percentage of individuals that pass the pre-employment test.

CEWD has resources available on the Get Into Energy website for candidates that may not be able to access Get Into Energy Test Prep in person, including links to math practice quizzes, energy industry reading passages, and mechanical concepts practice.

For more information on Get Into Energy Test Prep and/or to schedule an orientation session, contact Julie Strzempko at julie@cewd.org.

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